Plans and Pricing

Research & Me provides effective and efficient solutions for individuals, teams and organizations to help achieve enrollment goals on time and on budget



For Individuals

Individual Plan Includes:

Free Study Posting
Dedicated Study Page
Custom Sharable Links
Recruitment Support
Screening Questionnaires
Registration Alerts
One-Click Approval/Rejection
Participant Management
Demographic Data Collection
Team Collaboration Tools
Data Export Capabilities
Helpful Guides And Videos


For Organizations

All Individual Features, And:

Fully Branded Homepage
Branded Study Listings Page
Marketplace Services Discounts
Unlimited Study Postings
Inclusion on Public Studies Page
Research & Me Featured Listing
Social Media Promotion
Inclusion in Mailing List
Transparency And Oversight
All Research & Me for Organizations hubs require custom and/or branded assets. Please contact us to get started personalizing your own hub.


Marketplace Services

Recruitment Solutions

Study Distribution
Marketing/Recruiting Solutions
Screening/Scheduling Services
All Marketplace Services are custom solutions, tailored the specific needs of each study. Contact us today and speak with a team member for a custom quote.

Experience Research & Me For Your Needs

Research & Me for Individuals provides students, CRAs, PIs and other sole researchers the essential tools needed to achieve enrollment goals on time.

Whether completing dissertations, managing research studies or leading clinical trials, smarter technology reduces administrative tasks and streamlines the recruitment process.

Visit the Research & Me for Individuals page for more information.

If you need assistance finding additional qualified participants, the Research & Me Marketplace offers custom marketing and recruiting services you can opt-in to use at any time. If your company or institution is a Research & Me for Organizations member, ask your department lead about discounts available through their plan.

Research & Me for Organizations is a streamlined all-in-one platform for study publishing, research marketing, participant screening, and recruiting management. It’s fully branded and designed for research sites, academic departments and small-to-medium companies, integrating into your existing system or standing alone as your sole recruiting management platform.

Research & Me for Organizations simplifies ongoing recruiting needs and processes by providing simplicity, consistency and transparency for the entire staff. With a fully branded recruitment management platform and discounts on services from the Research & Me Marketplace, your complete recruiting management platform and research marketing partner is here. Learn more about how Research & Me for Organizations can address your needs.

The Research & Me Marketplace offers supplemental and fully-integrated research recruiting solutions, designed to attract and engage qualified participants to help meet enrollment goals on time and within budget. Services include study distribution and engagement, tailored research marketing campaigns, scheduling and screening services and complete custom platform solutions for enterprise-level needs.

Whether you need a little help finding qualified participants in a short period of time, or multiple long-term, multi-site custom recruiting campaigns, the Research & Me Marketplace helps overcome barriers that hinder research completion.

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If you have further questions or need assistance publishing your study for free, please contact us and will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you.

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