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Research & Me provides effective and efficient solutions for individuals, teams and entire organizations to streamline the participant recruiting and management process



Individual Free

Dedicated Study Page
Screening Questionnaire
Participant Management
Study Sharing Links
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Individual Plus (per study)

Expanded Eligibility Questionnaire
Social Media Promotion
Recruiting Services Discounts
Featured Placement
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  Free Plus
Study Posting R&M Checkmark R&M Checkmark
Dedicated Study Page R&M Checkmark R&M Checkmark
Screening and Eligibility Questions 2 4
Study Sharing Links R&M Checkmark R&M Checkmark
Registration Alerts R&M Checkmark R&M Checkmark
One-Click Participant Approval/Rejection R&M Checkmark R&M Checkmark
Participant Management R&M Checkmark R&M Checkmark
Demographic Data Collection R&M Checkmark R&M Checkmark
Team Collaboration Tools R&M Checkmark R&M Checkmark
Data Export Capabilities R&M Checkmark R&M Checkmark
Guides and Videos R&M Checkmark R&M Checkmark
Study Featured Placement    R&M Checkmark
Social Media Promotion   R&M Checkmark
Discounts on Study Distribution   R&M Checkmark
Discounts on Custom Recruiting Services   R&M Checkmark

Experience Research & Me For Your Needs

Research & Me for Individuals provides students, CRAs, PIs and other individual researchers the essential tools they need to efficiently recruit and manage participants. Whether it's completing a dissertation, managing a research study, or administering a clinical trial, you can reduce administrative burdens and streamline the entire recruitment process for free.

To learn more, visit the Learn The Basics page and watch our three 1-minute videos. 

The responsibility of researchers to recruit participants independently can be daunting. If you need assistance finding additional qualified participants, the Research & Me Marketplace offers custom marketing and recruiting services you can opt-in to use at any time. If your company or institution is a Research & Me for Organizations member, ask your supervisor or department head about discounts available through their plan.

Individual Plus is an expansion of Individual Free, incorporating extra features designed to give your study more visibility to the public and attract more qualified participants. The one-time fee provides:

  • Additional eligibility questions for enhanced pre-screening
  • Priority placement as a Research & Me Featured Study
  • Social media promotion on the Research & Me social media channels
  • Discounts on Marketplace Services, including Study Distribution and Recruiting

Once purchased, Individual Plus additional benefits are immediately available and will continue for as ling as your study is posted on Research & Me

Research & Me for Organizations provides sites, CROs and academic institutions everything needed to facilitate researcher success and the completion of multiple studies. Smarter technology improves existing workflows, while included recruitment features optimize participant recruitment, enrollment and retention - all in one platform.

It’s fully branded and designed for research sites, academic departments and small-to-medium companies, integrating into your existing system or standing alone as your sole recruiting management platform.

Research & Me for Organizations simplifies ongoing recruiting needs and processes by providing simplicity, consistency and transparency for the entire staff. With a fully branded recruitment management platform and discounts on services from the Research & Me Marketplace, your complete recruiting management platform and research marketing partner is here.

Learn more about how Research & Me for Organizations can address your needs.

The Research & Me Marketplace offers supplemental, fully-integrated research recruiting solutions, designed to attract and engage qualified participants and  help meet enrollment goals on time and within budget.

Marketplace services include study distribution, custom marketing and recruiting campaigns, scheduling and screening services and fully-bespoke solutions for enterprise-level needs.

Whether you need a little help finding qualified participants in a short period of time, or multiple long-term, multi-site custom recruiting campaigns, the Research & Me Marketplace helps overcome barriers that hinder research completion.

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If you have further questions or need assistance publishing your study for free, please contact us and will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you.

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