Research & Me Expands Service Offerings, Renews Commitment to Chicago

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Chicago, January 16, 2023 -- Founded in 2003, Research & Me connects qualified participants to the revolutionary advancements of academic, medical, pharmaceutical and corporate research across the U.S. Now, nearly two decades later, Research & Me is expanding their service offerings and growing their participant-centric approach to research advancement.

With its direct-to-consumer model, the brand’s innovative platform was named the Global Health And Pharma Winner for the Most Innovative Patient Recruitment Service, and was also a nominee at the Chicago Innovation Awards - an annual celebration of the most innovative new products, services and organizations in the Chicago region. Founded, built, and headquartered in Chicago, Research & Me was developed to address a serious problem in the way participant recruitment was being conducted for clinical trials and research studies.

Traditionally, researchers across various industries were using ads on bulletin boards, newspapers and public transportation in hopes of reaching people that were interested in their studies. Not only was this expensive and time-consuming, it was yielding the same slow and painstaking results that it had for the past few decades. This type of recruitment also skewed the pool of potential participants and underrepresented certain communities, which translated into results that were not accurate across the larger demographic.

The founders of Research & Me worked with professors, laboratories and corporate research departments to develop a streamlined online platform that bridges the gap between research study needs and the desired qualified participants. After nearly 20 years, Research & Me is the product of ongoing innovation in research recruitment, with a renewed commitment to fully representing the entire community that this research can support.

“It’s never been harder to get people’s attention, so we provide the research community with the necessary tools to succeed in today’s attention-based economy.”

- Ryan Buterbaugh, Research & Me Co-founder

The progress that research studies brings only happens through the efforts of the people who support it - both researchers and participants alike. Over the past decade, this progress has not kept pace with the rapidly advancing practices of the recruiting and marketing industries, resulting in the delay or cancellation of life-changing therapies for the people in need of these promising treatments.

Research & Me is committed to supporting the progress of science, medicine, and technology by connecting groundbreaking research to qualified participants, and growing a people-focused community of research advancement. They're devoted to diversity, equity and inclusion in the clinical trials they support, ensuring their studies are representative of the entire intended population, so the trial efficacy and results are accurate across the larger demographic.

Research & Me: For People. For Progress.

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About Research & Me

Research & Me is a streamlined research publishing and marketing platform for research sites, CROs, sponsors, academic institutions and corporate research. Research & Me provides researchers across the country with state-of-the-art technology and services to ensure that their groundbreaking work gets the attention it deserves.

Founded in Chicago in 2003, Research & Me has worked with major research universities, health systems, contract research organizations (CROs), and corporations to support the development and testing of products, therapies, pharmaceuticals, and more. The proprietary recruiting and marketing platform supports researchers in all industries, allowing them to reduce recruiting time and focus on what matters most - their life-changing research and development.

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