Research & Me Expands Commitment to Colleges and Universities

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Rob C.


January 23, 2023; 1:17pm ET

Chicago, January 23, 2023 -- Research & Me has focused on driving participant recruitment for the research community. And while that has been very successful, what has become abundantly clear is that the existing recruiting platforms used by many colleges and universities are drastically inefficient. This creates an incredibly poor participant experience that results in low enrollment and high drop-out rates.

Now, nearly two decades later, Research & Me is expanding their service offerings and launching Research & Me for Organizations - built to be a simple, more effective recruiting platform and provide a better participant experience. For many researchers, participants often don't enroll because they get lost in the shuffle - they have to call or email to enroll with no response, they’re redirected to another website only to have a similar experience - the list goes on. Unfortunately, this has become the norm for many in the research community.

Research & Me for Organizations is a research study hub. A streamlined platform to publish, recruit and manage participants all in one integrated system for a greater participant experience. With a dedicated branded studies page, demographic information collection, custom screening questionnaires and full participant management, the award-winning Research & Me platform provides a better patient experience that converts more candidates. It's the simple recruiting management platform for clinical research sites, academic departments, and more.

The progress that research studies brings only happens through the efforts of the people who support it - both researchers and participants alike. Over the past decade, this progress has not kept pace with the rapidly advancing practices of the recruiting and marketing industries, resulting in the delay or cancellation of life-changing therapies for the people in need of these promising treatments.

Research & Me is committed to supporting the progress of science, medicine, and technology by connecting groundbreaking research to qualified participants, and growing a people-focused community of research advancement. They're devoted to diversity, equity and inclusion in the clinical trials they support, ensuring their studies are representative of the entire intended population, so the trial efficacy and results are accurate across the larger demographic.


To learn more about Research & Me, visit, or contact Research & Me at:


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