Signing up is free for both participants and researchers.

It does not cost anything for a Participant to register for a study, 

To get started, go to: Sign Up - Research And Me and click on the "Participant Signup" button. From there Create an account for free--learn about and participate in research studies in your area. 

If selected and the study is completed, researchers reimburse you for your time!

Your email address is used for service-related notifications, new study notifications, and other Research And Me news and promotions. We do not send spam or other unsolicited bulk email, and you can unsubscribe from an email by simply clicking the Unsubscribe link in the footer of the email you received.

Additionally, if you register for a study and are approved for participation, your email address and other demographic information is provided to the researcher. Research And Me does not review, monitor, or manage direct communication between you and the researcher administering the study. 

Your phone number is only provided to a researcher when you register for their study and are approved for participation. It is not considered a part of your profile and is requested each time you register for a study.

You can control the emails you receive using the Contact Preferences section of your Account. Note that you cannot unsubscribe from system-related emails sent in direct response to account actions, nor can you unsubscribe from emails related to a study that you have registered for. If you do not wish to receive these emails, simply discontinue using Research And Me.

Your ZIP Code is used to identify your approximate geographic location, so that Nearby Studies can be determined. The Search Radius allows you to control how close a study must be to be considered "nearby".

This demographic information is provided to researchers to help determine study eligibility. Note that while your age (in years) is provided to the researcher, your exact birthday is not disclosed.

For Participants

Registering For A Study

Registering for a study is completely free. There is no obligation at any time and using the Research And Me platform is always free for participants.

In order to provide researchers with reliable contact information, we require that participants provide both a phone number and an email address.

The phone number is not stored in your profile and is only provided to the researcher administering the study.  They will contact you only if you express interest in the study by registering for a study. 

Gender and age are requirements for nearly every research study, so they are required when registering.

NOTE: while your age (in years) is provided to the researcher, your exact birthday is not disclosed.

Researchers can create a custom eligibility questionnaire for each study. The answers to these questions are provided to the researcher and are used to determine whether you're eligible for participation. Please answer them honestly and to the best of your ability.

This is your opportunity to provide some background on why you're interested in the study and why you think you might be a good participant for the study. If you're registering on behalf of someone else (a parent or child, for example), you can mention that as well.

To preserve participant anonymity, please do not include any personally identifying details or contact information.

The researcher administering the study will review your demographic information, eligibility questionnaire responses, and Reason for Interest. Based on that information and other factors (response rate, registration order, study requirements, etc), they will either request your contact information or decide to not include you for participation.

Depending on a variety of factors, including response rate and time to process participants, it make take a while before the researcher is able to make a determination or is ready to accept a new batch of participants.

Please note that the decision to determine whether participants are eligible lies solely with the researcher; Research And Me cannot determine eligibility or provide an exact timeline for when a researcher will respond to registrations.

Participating In A Study

Based on the information you provided, the researcher believes you may be eligible for participation in the study. You don't need to do anything at this time — the researcher will contact you via phone or email to further assess eligibility.

This could be for a number of reasons: the researcher may be looking for participants with different demographic information, different answers to the eligibility questionnaire, or may simply have received more interest in the study than they needed.

Research And Me does not handle compensation for studies. Please check with the researcher for the study.

Please contact the researcher for the study or inform them the next time you're contacted.

Please visit and follow our social media pages for study postings, updates, and informative news in research. 






For Researchers

Publishing A Study

It is free to publish your study on the Research & Me platform. In addition, Research & Me offers additional premium services to accelerate recruitment.

Study Publishing is a free service where you can integrate Research And Me into your existing marketing efforts where you can consolidate and streamline participant recruitment and pre-screening. 

To create and list a study, the following information is required:

1. Researcher name and contact information (this information is for Research And Me staff and does not get shared with participants).

2. Study name, description, and compensation amount (optional). This information is disclosed to participants.

3. Study location, if it requires in-person participation.

4. Eligibility screening questions (optional).  You can include your inclusion/exclusion criteria in the eligibility screener. This information is disclosed to participants. 

Yes, your study will be immediately available to the public once completed and published.

Yes, your study can be edited after it's listed and the changes will be published immediately.

Once you begin to approve participants, changing some portions of your study may be restricted to ensure that both participants and researchers can accurately track the study. If you need to make changes after this time, please contact us at

Study Promotion

Study Listings do not expire, so your study will remain listed for as long as needed and you can control it using the Study Manager. If you would like to archive your study, your study will be removed from public listing, but will remain archived and accessible for as long as your account is active.

To promote your study, simply use the link found in your Study Manager.

Yes. Research And Me will send you an automatic email notification when a participant registers for your study.

Incentives for participants is not required and that is completely up to each researcher; Research And Me does not mandate any minimum or maximum incentives. Reimbursement for time and travel helps to offset participants' time and resources spent traveling to and participating in your study, making participants more likely to express interest.

To remove your study from the list of available studies and prevent new participant registrations, click "Archive" on the Study Manager. Archiving your study does not impact your ability to manage existing participants.  Please ensure that you have rejected any unused pending participants to ensure they are notified about the study being closed.

Study Management

Yes, you may change your study's geographic limit after it has been created and published.

Yes. On the Study Manager, click "Add Collaborator" and provide the collaborator's email address and level of access (Manager, Approver, or Observer). The collaborator will receive an email inviting them to collaborate with you on the study. 

You can add (i.e. fellow researcher, research assistant, and/or intern) as a “collaborator” to any study that you’d like them to manage by clicking the “add collaborator” link in the study manager.  So for example, you can have the main admin of the study and various collaborators with various degrees of privileges. 

This gives your entire team access to manage the study and communicate with participants, as well as record notes on participants in the study page that the entire team can access.  Add a collaborator now by going to your Researcher Account!

Please contact us to arrange for a transfer of ownership. If possible, to ensure a smooth transition, have the current owner add you as a Collaborator.

Participant Management

You can begin approving participants for your study by going to the Study Manager and viewing Pending participants. Select the participant, review their information, eligibility questionnaire responses and determine if they are suitable for your study. You can then either approve or reject them for participation. An email will be sent to the participant letting them know of your decision.

Yes, you can directly contact approved participants via Research And Me. Using the Study Manager, click "Approved" to show approved participants. Select the participants you wish to contact then click "Email Participants" to compose a message to the selected participants.

Yes, you can use the participant again in future studies as needed.

Security & Legal


Yes. Research And Me conforms to HIPAA standards for website compliance, including security, backup, encryption, and disposal requirements.

Yes. Research And Me uses Stripe, a leading payment processor independently certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. Credit card and payment information is transmitted directly to Stripe and at no point is handled by or available to Research And Me.

Research And Me uses modern security standards for encrypted communication and regularly validates data transport encryption with third parties. All website communication occurs over secure (HTTPS) connections.

Data backups are immediately encrypted, before being stored in multiple offsite storage locations. Backups can only be accessed by a restricted group of system administrators.

Research And Me uses the latest industry standard for password storage designed by leading cryptographers. Changing your Research And Me password will automatically ensure that the latest password security technology is used to protect it.


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