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Alzheimer's Study — $50 gift card of choice

This is a 2-part study using behavioral measures (paper-pen tests) and hearing…

This study is looking at semantic memory differences in adults with early-stage Alzheimer disease and healthy adults. Participation criteria includes: 65-90 years old, right handed, native English speaker, minimum of 12 years of education, healthy adult or early-stage Alzheimer disease, no other neurological/psych deficits, intact hearing (can have hearing aids; hearing will be tested) and can have corrected vision with lenses.

Two parts lasting 90 minutes each:
1) at your residence; doing cognitive screening and two standardized tests
2) hearing test and EEG test of nonivasive net on scalp while responding to pictures and hearing words on computer screen.


$50 gift card of choice. Information on cognition and language/hearing test audiogram given to participants
Researcher is a trained speech-language pathologist so can give strategies for dealing with Alzheimer disease.

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