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Exercise Study — Pays $1100

Study assessing the effects of a carbohydrate/fiber product on exercise

Exercise Study
This new research study is evaluating the effects of different types of carbohydrate and fiber-containing products on exercise performance in healthy men and women.
If qualified, you may be compensated up to $1,100 for time and travel and receive study related care at no cost (and no insurance required).
Qualified Participants Must:
• Be a generally healthy male or female, 18-45 years of age
• Have a consistent exercise routine involving 3-8 hours of endurance exercise each week, including some regular bicycling
• Be a non-smoker
• Be willing to attend 6 clinic visits, 8 drop off visits and complete 7 phone call visits over the course of about 7 weeks. Two of the visits are 7-hour exercise challenge/ urine collection visits and one visit is a 6-hour urine collection visit.
• Be willing to collect stool and urine samples throughout the study
• Be willing to have blood, urine, and stool samples collected during the 6 and 7-hour test visit days


Pays $1100 after completing all the study visits.

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