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Reduced Nicotine Cigarette Study — Up to $450 for completing

To help us understand how the brain reacts to varying levels of nicotine in a…

This is not a a smoking cessation study:

The Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science at the University of Maryland School of Public Health in College Park is seeking cigarette smokers to participate in a study that will measure brain waves, eye movement, respiration, heart rate, and skin conductance before, during, and after smoking.Participation involves 6 laboratory visits lasting 2-3 hours each. You will be asked to refrain from tobacco and caffeine products for four hours before your visit. During each of the visits, you will smoke a cigarette at varying nicotine levels in random order. Test cigarettes (menthol or non-menthol given by preference) will be provided.

Please note: this is an EEG study. The EEG signal depends on the proper contact between the gel and skin on the scalp. Certain hair styles (wigs, extensions or artificial hair) may interrupt this contact resulting in a low quality signal.

To participate you must:
• Be a current smoker
• Be right-handed
• Be willing to come in for 6 visits ranging from 2-3 hours a visit
• Be willing to answer questions
• Be willing to take a urine sample upon study entry for a urine drug screen
• Smoke a cigarette and a little cigar using a special holder
• Be willing to comply with research study requirements
• Be in the College Park/DC Metro area for the next 4-5 weeks

PLEASE add your name under "Reason for Interest"


Participants can earn up to $450.00 dollars for completing all 6 visits.

The possible earnings increase with each completed visit.
Visit 1: $60.00
Visit 2: $65.00
Visit 3: $70.00
Visit 4: $75.00
Visit 5: $80.00
Visit 6: $100.00

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