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A Qualitative Study of Adaptive Performance and Non-competitive Subordinate Employees Following an Internal Promotion — $15 Amazon Gift Card

To understand noncompetitive subordinate employees' views of the adaptive…

The purpose of this study is to explore employees’ experiences, perceptions, and attitudes following a promotion of their co-worker who then becomes their supervisor; specifically, the purpose is to understand how employees adjust after the promotion and how they describe their new supervisor’s adjustment to the promotion. New knowledge may be valuable to organizations and rewarding to employees, as internal promotions are organizational changes that can potentially affect employee morale, productivity, and success.


A $15 Amazon gift card will be given to participants after completing the study.

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To register for this study, you will need take a brief eligibility questionnaire and to provide your contact information. If you are registering on behalf of someone else, you will still be listed as the primary contact.

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Briefly describe the reason the participant is interested in this study and why the participant should be considered eligible for participation.

Eligibility Questionnaire

Your answers to the questions below will be provided to the researcher to help determine eligibility for this study.

1. Are you 18 years of age or older?


2. Do you work full-time in an environment where, in the past 24 months, one of your co-workers was promoted to a position to be your supervisor?


3. Did you apply for that same position?


4. Are you fluent in English?


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