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The Lived Experiences of Black Youth Who Recidivate in Diversion Programs — $20 Amazon Gift Card

To understand the experiences of black who are involved in the juvenile justice…

Participants will complete an interview and demographic information. During this interview they will answer questions about their time while participating in mental health courts and in home probation. These participants will be between the ages of 18-40 who identify as Black male or female. Participants will also have the option to complete the interview using a HIPPA compliant platform. Prescreen questionnaire will be completed before initial contact with participants. Participants will then be asked to complete demographic information. Participants will be required to give 1) consent/assent to participate verbally, 2) Interview questions during a 90-minute session. Interviews will be recorded and later will be reviewed for similarities and differences.


Participants will receive an electronic gift card for there time during the study
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