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The Lived Experience of Black Women with Weight Loss and Counseling Post-Bariatric Surgery — $25 Amazon gift card

Through semi-structured one-on-one interviews with former Black female bariatric…

This study will be semi-structured one-on-one interviews that will be conducted via Zoom. Scope of the study to include obese or formerly obese Black women who have received bariatric surgery in the past 12 months or longer and must have completed at least one (1) session of counseling post-surgery. The age range of the study participants will be between 18-66 years of age and can speak English.


A $25 Amazon gift card will be given to study participants as compensation for participating in study

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To register for this study, you will need take a brief eligibility questionnaire and to provide your contact information. If you are registering on behalf of someone else, you will still be listed as the primary contact.

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Briefly describe the reason the participant is interested in this study and why the participant should be considered eligible for participation.

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1. Have received bariatric surgery within the past 12 months or longer?


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