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Pre-Diabetes Study — $900 compensation

Investigating the effects of a probiotic in males with high blood sugar

Pre-Diabetes Study
This study is looking at a probiotic, which is a live bacteria, that when ingested has a positive influence on regulating the body's ability to regulate blood sugar levels.

The study includes 7 visits over the course of 19 weeks. You must attend our clinic for all visits, which is located just off of North Michigan Avenue. As part of the study requirements you will be asked to take part in a procedure called an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test, this is used to measure the changes in your blood sugar levels over a period of a few hours. It requires an IV to be placed in your arm to allow for multiple blood draws. The study also aims to explore trends in your blood sugar levels during the day & night over a 2-week period. In order to do this, you will be asked to wear a Glucose Monitoring Sensor at two time points over the duration of the study.

To be eligible you must be a male with elevated blood glucose levels. If you are unsure that you have elevated levels, we can do a free blood test in our clinic. You will be compensated for your time. Those with Type-II Diabetes may be eligible to participate but must be un-medicated for the previous 3 months.


You will receive $900 for your time upon completion of the trial.

Register Now!

To register for this study, you will need take a brief eligibility questionnaire and to provide your contact information. If you are registering on behalf of someone else, you will still be listed as the primary contact.

Reason for Interest

Briefly describe the reason the participant is interested in this study and why the participant should be considered eligible for participation.

Eligibility Questionnaire

Your answers to the questions below will be provided to the researcher to help determine eligibility for this study.

1. Please select the answer that is relevant to your blood sugar levels?


2. Gender


3. Are you between the ages of 21-69


Contact Information

Demographic Information

Your gender and birthday are used to help determine eligibility for this study. The researcher will be provided with your gender and age (in years).

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