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Effect of Brainwave Based VR on Anxiety — Free 3 Year Membership

Study how Virtual Reality based videos affect people who have high anxiety or are…

1. People having high anxiety or are suffering from depression
2. People who are comfortable with using Virtual Reality viewers along with some additional brain measurements
3. Over 18 years of age
4. People who have interest in meditation or similar techniques

The total study structure -
1. Tutorial and Demo
2. Actual Study
3. Questionnaire

The total time taken will be about 60 minutes


Free 3 Year Membership to Augment Me service that allows to practice a unique meditation technique in a Virtual Reality setting. The VR environments are generated by a combination of expert meditators using Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience technology. The technology generates multiple VR environments everyday and you can choose the ones that you like the most and improve your emotional well-being by practising meditation in these VR environments.

Over $300 value!

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