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Enhancing Circadian Signal to Improve Cardiometabolic Function in Aging — compensation up to $2,500

The goal of this study is to determine the impact of when you eat and melatonin…

The purpose of this research is to determine whether if when you eat and/or if taking melatonin (a hormone naturally produced by the body) can improve health and sleep. There is growing body of evidence that disrupted sleep and circadian rhythms have negative effects on health. The goal of this study is to determine the impact of when you eat and melatonin levels on improving sleep and health in older adults who are at risk of disorders such as diabetes, heart diseases or stroke.

The study includes a total of 10 visits: Including 7 office visits (1-2 hours each) and 3 hospital inpatient visits.

We are seeking men and women between the ages of 55 and 75 to participate in a research study examining the effects of meal timing and melatonin on health.

Participants will be compensated up to $2,500 for their time and effort.


If you agree to take part in this research study, we will pay you up to $2,500 for your time and effort. Compensation will be prorated based on your participation in the event of early withdrawal or exclusion. You will be compensated $40 for completing the screening visit and an additional $40 for completing the at-home screening procedures and returning all the equipment. For completing the pre-hospital visit 2 and procedures, you will be compensated $25. For completing the first overnight hospital visit 3, you will be paid $500, for completing the 1-week acute based field intervention procedures, you will be paid $120, For completing the acute based overnight hospital visit 4, you will be paid $500, For completing the 5-week extended based field intervention procedures, you will be paid $600 (or $120/week). For completing the final pre-hospital visit 8 and procedures, you will be compensated $25 and for completing the third overnight hospital visit 9, you will be paid $500. Finally, for completing the follow up visit, you will be paid $150. Payment will be made by check and mailed to you. The processing time is about 4-6 weeks after completing the study. The Accounting Services at Northwestern University will be given your name, address, and Social Security Number in order to issue a check for your study participation. Study payments are considered taxable income and reportable to the IRS. A Form 1099 will be sent to you if your total payments are $600 or more in a calendar year.

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