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Acute Care Bedside Nurse Study

Expansion of the Quadruple Aim to include acute care nurses perceptions of how the…

Grounded theory studies are useful when expanding a theory. The Quadruple Aim was developed by medical doctors to help improve patient care experiences, population health, reduce per capita healthcare costs and create provider enjoyment of the care-giving experience. The title of the research is: Synthesized Grounded Theory: Expansion of the Quadruple Aim in Acute Care Nursing

The Quadruple Aim Model is used to provide care-giver education to remediation care giver-burnout and to increase caregiver joy. The four pillars of the Quadruple Aim are influenced by what is now called burnout and lack of joy in the caregiver experience. The aim of the research is to determine if it would be appropriate to add traumatic stress to burnout on the negative side of the equation and to replace joy with professional job satisfaction, which includes joy and four other components. Professional satisfaction is on the positive side of the equation and counters the negative aspects of being a healthcare provider.

Acute care nurses are the largest number of front-line healthcare providers and therefore a key to providing necessary information that may substantiate expansion of the Quadruple Aim.

In order to participate one must be an acute care bedside nurse and be licensed as an RN, have at least one year of practice on their work unit, no Holistic Nurses education/experience, no education/experience with PlaneTree nor BirchTree models of care, nor any experience with Magnet nor Pathway status facilities. The acute care RN may be a team leader if they also hold a bedside assignment. Participants will need to have access to a private computer and have a private place in which to participate in a follow up interview.

I understand that my participation is confidential and that my name and region of the country where I work will not be linked to my personal information
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