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Acute Care Bedside Nurse Study — .Outcomes Report

Expansion of the Quadruple Aim to include acute care nurses perceptions of how the…

Acute Care Bedside Nurses Research Study

Researcher: Ann Fuller is conducting research as part of her doctorate
Title of Research: Synthesized Grounded Theory: Expansion of the Quadruple Aim in Acute Care Nursing.

Purpose: to better understand acute care bedside nurses’ perception of how the workplace environment supports their practice.

Participants: Acute beside nurses with at least one-year experience will be required to share a demographic survey, a reflective journal guided by 11 questions, and a follow up interview to assure accuracy of their submissions.

Outcome: Identify patterns that may contribute to the effective improvement of professional communication and collaboration within an acute care setting. This information will be useful to nurse educators’, the Focus on Nursing 2020 to 2030 committee, and the Institute of Healthcare Information
Qualified Participants: Will be provided a personal and secured email address where confidential data collection will occur.


Participants will be emailed a Brief Outcomes report once the research is published.
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