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Weight loss Study for Heart patients — Compenstaion is $1,880

Weight loss study for people who had a previous heart attack or stroke or peripheral…

This is a 5 year study, looking at the effects of Semaglutide (once weekly injection) for patients who had a previous heart attack, stroke or peripheral arterial disease.

-Must be at least 45 years or older
-You are able to attend regular clinic visits and receive phone calls over a period of 5 years.
-Must be willing to do once weekly self injections (pen injector)


Study pays:

Visit 1: $50.00
Visit 2 to 24: $75.00 each
Visit -End of Treatment: $75.00
Follow up phone call; $30.00

Total compensation is $2,375

Register Now!

To register for this study, you will need take a brief eligibility questionnaire and to provide your contact information. If you are registering on behalf of someone else, you will still be listed as the primary contact.

Reason for Interest

Briefly describe the reason the participant is interested in this study and why the participant should be considered eligible for participation.

Eligibility Questionnaire

Your answers to the questions below will be provided to the researcher to help determine eligibility for this study.

1. Have you had a heart attack or stroke or peripheral arterial disease (poor circulation)?


2. Do you have a Diabetes Mellitus Type 2?


3. Are you 45 years or older?


Contact Information

Demographic Information

Your gender and birthday are used to help determine eligibility for this study. The researcher will be provided with your gender and age (in years).

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