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Breakfast Cereal Study — $180 for completing

A study to assess the effects of two breakfast meals on appetite

Great Lakes Clinical Trials is looking for adult participants for a clinical trial to assess appetite levels after consuming two different breakfast meals.

Qualified participants must:
- Be regular breakfast eaters, between 40-65 years of age
- Not be lactose intolerant or allergic to wheat products
- Not be substantially overweight or obese
- Not be users of marijuana or any recreational drugs. A drug test will be administered at screening.

The study involves:
- One screening visit, lasting approximately 1 hour
- Two testing days separated by 1 week, with each visit lasting approximately 5 hours in length.

Qualified participants will receive $80 for completing each testing day, up to $160 for the completing the entire study.


$0 for screening
$90 for Test Day 1
$90 for Test Day 2

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$80 for study completion

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