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Study for Triglycerides — $75.00 per visit

The study will see whether the investigational medication can reduce the level of…

After the screening visit at the beginning of the study, you will start a specific heart-healthy diet program. You will be asked to follow this diet and continue your current level of physical exercise throughout the study.
The study will include up to 11 study visits over 39 weeks (about 9 months). During the dosing period, you will take either a placebo (which looks the same as the investigational medication but contains no actual medicine) or the investigational medication each day. During visits to the study center, you will have assessments of your general health, and samples of blood and urine will be taken. At the end of the dosing period, you will be asked to have a final follow-up (by an in-person visit, email, or phone call) with the study doctor to see how you are doing.


All study procedures are at no cost. You will receive $75 for each complete visit. There are a total of 11 visits over 39 weeks which will total $825 if you complete the study.

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