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Healthy Digestion - Constipation Research Study — Up to $250

A Study on the Effects of Prebiotic and Fiber Supplements derived from Kiwifruit on…

Great Lakes Clinical Trials is recruiting participants for a clinical research study investigating the effects of Actazin & Livaux on aiding digestion and promoting improved bowel regularity. Actazin & Livaux are sourced from 100% Non-GMO New Zealand whole kiwifruit and carefully prepared to ensure bioactives and key nutrients are protected.

Eligible participants receive either placebo or study product which contains a collection of prebiotic compounds. Prebiotics promote a diverse microbiome by helping to feed the healthy bacteria within our gut leading to improved bloating, energy and daily bowel maintenance.

This study is looking for participants who have 3 or fewer COMPLETE and SPONTANEOUS bowel movements per week.
· Complete means providing the feeling of complete evacuation.
· Spontaneous means without medication or manual maneuvers.

The study requires 3 visits to our center over the course of approximately 2 months.


Up to $250 for participation

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