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Glucose Response to Various Foods- New York City NY — Viome service for 1 year

Blood glucose response to various foods- New York City NY


We are looking for participants interested in participating in a new study.

Why Participate:
Food affects everyone's blood sugar levels differently, which is strongly influenced by your gut microbiome. Over time, high blood sugar levels have been associated with chronic conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, obesity, inflammation, and more. The purpose of this study is to develop personalized diets that minimize an individual's blood sugar responses.

Participants will need to be located within 2 hours of our New York City or Mountain View offices:

New York City NY 10018


Mountain View CA 94043

Participants in the Study will Recieve:
Free year of Viome service (Value: $399; free additional year if you are a current customer)
Breakfast, snacks, and lunch provided for 2 weeks (Value: $150)
Wearable activity tracker that's yours to keep (Value: $50)
A printout of their continuous glucose monitor data, however, we will not be able to offer an interpretation of the data.

What to Expect:
The study requires participants to prepare and consume fixed meals (breakfast and lunch and snacks) everyday for 14 days.
Participants must not deviate from the provided meals until 2 hours after consumption of lunch.

Participants will be required to:
Attend an on-site office visit (at either our NYC or California office) prior to starting the study.
Record all meals with their smartphone.
Participate in a daily check-in either via the Viome smartphone app or a web-based questionnaire.
Wear a continuous blood glucose monitor for two weeks.
Record their sleeping and exercise habits using a wearable health tracker.
Collect several sets of stool, blood, and urine samples for a period of two weeks and return those samples to Viome (either by mail or drop-off at a Viome office).

By participating in this study, you agree to the Viome terms of service.


Viome service for 1 year including gut health results and recommendations valued at $399; a wearable fitness tracker valued at $50; free breakfast and lunch for 14 days valued at $150.

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