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Visionary Study 110 Gene Expression in 70+ age Cohort — $10 gift card

Viome Visionary Study 101: Blood Transcriptome of a 70+ age Cohort

Viome is looking for participants in Visionary Study 110: Blood Transcriptome. By providing a few drops of blood you can help Viome study gene expression and push boundaries in human health.

We are looking for volunteers ages 70 and up to provide a finger prick blood sample. This study is to build a healthy cohort of individuals. Currently, we do not have a standard to reference for our blood kit. By participating in this study, individuals will help create that standard.

Here’s how it works: each participant will:
1) Complete a brief online or over-the-phone interview
2) Receive a blood collection kit via mail
3) Prick your finger and collect a few drops of blood and return the kit to Viome via a prepaid shipping container.
4) Fill out 3 short surveys: one before drawing blood, one after and one online.
5) Recieve $10 gift card!


In exchange for your participation, you will receive a $10 gift card to either Starbucks or Amazon.
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