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Recruitment & Retention Services

The Research & Me platform is a state-of-the-art user interface for academic, clinical, corporate and pharmaceutical researchers to engage, recruit, and screen qualified participants.

There's no cost to create an account or publish a study, and all recruiting efforts can be combined into one simple platform to take advantage of the screening and participant management tools.


Free Study Publishing

Integrating Research & Me into existing marketing efforts is easy, and gives researchers the ability to consolidate and streamline participant recruitment and pre-screening efforts onto one platform with no additional costs.

Working hand-in-hand with existing digital and traditional advertising campaigns, Research & Me saves time, money and headaches that often accompany study management.


General Population Distribution

With General Distribution, the free published studies are sent to participants near the study location. If the study is remote-only, not requiring in-person participation, it will be distributed to participants regardless of their location.

There is no cost to enable General Distribution and payment methods are charged only  when selected participants are approved for enrollment.


Customized  Study Recruitment

Oftentimes clinical trials have unique criteria that require special assistance to find qualified participants. The in-house marketing team at Research & Me can accelerate recruitment efforts to meet enrollment needs.

All custom study recruitment is tailored to the needs of the trial or study. The recommended strategy and pricing provided will depend on the type of study and the specific recruitment needs.

Additional Recruitment Services

Research & Me can provide participant pre-screening and scheduling services with warm transfer capability for participants. Pre-screening of participants occurs through phone, email, and text messaging and works with existing databases and staff requirements. Now, achieving better recruitment and retention in one integrated service is here.

Integrated Offerings:

  • Screeners for IRB approval, at no additional cost

  • Inputting patient/participant information into databases

  • Inbound/outbound calling, including night and weekend calls with texting hard to reach patients

  • Accessing and screening any referral services you may be using and entering them into your database

  • Scheduling patients into CTMS or warm transferring all qualified patients over to a member of your staff for scheduling

  • Ability to pay for services using advertising and marketing dollars

  • All services billed at a low hourly rate with the ability to increase and decrease prescreening volume as needed

  • And much more to foster successful participant recruitment and retention


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